I understand of several people who will be however for the problems as a good result of such “relationships”

I understand of several people who will be however for the problems as a good result of such "relationships"

I am not surprised you to she lived in a relationship having him, try to get your adolescent son to break up with a great person that you don't approve out of. I can realise why Clemens did not breakup together with his adolescent paramour either, she try impractical in order to assert he avoid their matrimony, confront his spouse, otherwise carry out every other harm to your.


I'm not sure exactly what around the globe has gone in your lifetime? The brand new victimhood mantle you want to don is wearing a small thinpare it womans disease to the tragedy that is FLDS and you can it is hard discover worked-up.

(IMO) It is ethically completely wrong to own Clemens getting involved with a relationship having a female. A woman who had been vulnerable, because the her moms and dads most likely were not keeping track of what she is actually undertaking. In my opinion, it doesn't matter if she was happy or perhaps not. In my opinion, he must have recognized top.

I'm happy getting not ever been doing work in one to, although not, I'm responsive to the latest plight in the girl or other people who have been.

People FLDS girls are increased within the an environment where marriage and childbirth was venerated goals out of womanhood. Are a few of these 'willing' to get ilies of their own? Of course they are doing, does you to definitely for some reason mitigate a bad that the husbands are performing? How can it is wrong toward FLDS rather than completely wrong to have Clemens?

Sure, Clemens was a sleeping douche and your getting working in which are even worse (IMO) than just an effective steroid scandal. It's too bad which i harshed for the enjoyable out of calling which girl 'doughy' and you will 'unfortunately unattractive', because some of you would not see past a knee jerk impulse out of getting in touch with me a bitch for it.

Move outside the private episodes, and place forth the objections into exactly why you imagine Clemens shouldn't getting vilified for this. I'm available to a separate perspective.

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